The Talent is a television music competion in Alex & Co.

In Special Episodes, a special edition with all the previous winner of The Talent worlwide versions, The Talent World is organized.



Known Staff

The Talent

  • Jody (host), played by Jody Cecchetto
  • Marcus Sharp (creator and producer), played by Luciano Federico
  • Carola (coach), played by Carola Campagna
  • Marlon (choreographer), played by Paolo Vecchione
  • Production assistant #1, played by Veronica Franzosi
  • Production assistant #2, played by Antonio Gargiulo


The Talent World

  • Unnamed host, played by Rodrigo Robbiati

Known Contestants

The Talent

The Talent World

  • Alex Leoni (disqualified)
  • Midori Saotome
  • Hermanos De Palma
  • Barney Johnson
  • Carter Wilson
  • Deborah Knight
  • Curt Roberts
  • Dalya Murray
  • Jonny Ieokins


  • The names of the judges of the original The Talent were kept in secret before the program started, and they were revealed in the first program of the show.
  • The winner of The Talent World is unknown.

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