The Lindas is the group of friends leadered by Linda Rossetti and also the former band that was Alex & Co.'s rival band in The Talent.

The original group and band consisted of Linda Rossetti, Rebecca Guglielmino and Samantha Ferri. When the band split up, Rebecca left and her sister Giada entered.


Actual Members

Past Members


Linda, Rebecca and Samantha were already friends before the series started.

The proper band was formed in the second season, when Linda was competing against Alex & Co. They came second in The Talent. They sang "Oh My Gloss!", which later it was revealed they bought from a judge, Mr. Smith. When that was publicly known, the band split up, but not the group of friends.

In season 3, Rebecca decided to leave Linda's group and she was replaced by her sister Giada.


  • Oh My Gloss!
  • Can't Stand the Rain, sung in episode 23. Originally performed by Dan Skinner, Adam Skinner and Dave James


  • When they are referring to the band, they call themselves "The Lindas", but the group of friends is self-called "Le Lindas". This distinction is lost in the English dub.


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