Special 4 is the fourth and final episode of Special Episodes of Alex & Co. and the 55th episode overall. It is the end of the series. It premiered in Italy on June 29, 2017.


Penny helps Alex to overcome many obstacles, succeeding in meeting Bakia and giving her the lyrics of Nicole's song. During the Talent finale, Alex sings Nicole's song in a surprising duet with Bakia. Nicole listens to the song and wakes up. At the time of the departure, Alex realizes that Penny has saved Nicole's life.




Main Cast

Recurring Cast

Guest Cast

  • Davide Colavini as Hotel Manager
  • Laura Locatelli as Doctor
  • Rodrigo Robbiati as Host of The Talent World

Songs Featured


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Alex Leoni

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On stage, Alex did everything for Nicole because he is convinced that music can do everything. He doesn't have words to describe how he felt when he saw her. After hearing Alex and Bakìa singing her song, Nicole wants to live every second with Alex. Without any doubts, they will be "together forever". Penny lived Alex's performance very closely, as he was making the impossible possible. By helping him, she has recovered the energy to overcome her fears.



  • During Bakìa and Alex's The Universe Owes You One performance you can notice two errors:
    • The first time the line "and give to anyone" is sung, Bakìa holds her microphone with her right hand and has his left hand raised. When the camera changes, her microphone is in her left hand and her right hand is raised. Then the camera changes once more and her hands position is the first one again.
    • In the line "your sorrows", Bakìa changes her microphone from her left to her right hand twice due to an editing error.


Emma: I've got an idea! Let's make Bakìa go find us.
Ray: How can we, punching her car wheels?
Linda, to Nicole: You're my worst enemy. When I argue with you, I feel so good with myself.
Nicole: And what does a prince do to his sleeping beauty?
Alex: He kisses her.


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