Special 3 is the third episode of Special Episodes of Alex & Co. and the 54th episode overall. It premiered in Italy on June 28, 2017.


Alex meets Penny, but she doesn't reveal him that she saved Nicole. Penny dreams of becoming a singer, but has no courage to enroll in her dream school, M.A.R.S. Alex helps her to find the strength to follow her dreams and a great friendship is born between them.




Main Cast

Recurring Cast

Guest Cast

  • Martin Silvio Di Pietro as Rodolfo
  • Rodrigo Robbiato as Host of The Talent

Songs Featured


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Emma Ferrari

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The Lindas

Camilla is very happy about Alex and Penny's friendship. She is very excited to have helped Alex to finish his song. Emma explains how was the process to finish the song and that Nicole moved when they were watching the show. Linda is angry about not being able to achieve her plan and she blames Giada and Samantha, who doesn't consider to be her friends anymore.




  • When Alex is in his room showing Emma the unfinished lyrics of The Universe Owes You One, Nicole's diary is opened and both pages are written. At the end of the scene, only the right page of the diary is written.
    • The text on this right page contains the first three verses of Alex and Bakìa's duet version that will be sung in the next episode.
  • While Matt is singing Truth or Dare with Ray, he says "There's no right or wrong" instead of "There's no wrong or right" for unknown reasons.
  • At the beginning of Alex and Penny's Music Speaks cover, we can see he plays one chord on his guitar but we hear two chords.
    • While singing the line "And if I can't explain I'll sing a song", Alex moves his arm to play a sharper chord in the word "and" but we hear this chord in "can't".
    • The final chord of the song is also seen before being heard.


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