Special 2 is the second episode of Special Episodes of Alex & Co. and the 53rd episode overall. It premiered in Italy on June 27, 2017.


Her savior is disappeared but Nicole is alive, albeit in a coma. Alex and his friends are desperate, and Alex decides that the only way to help her is to try to realise her great dream. The occasion is presented to him when Bakia is invited as a special guest to "The Talent World", so he decides to take part in the event.




Main Cast

Recurring Cast

Guest Cast

  • Michele Bottini as James (cameo)
  • Michelle Carpente as Erika
  • Laura Locatelli as Doctor
  • Federico Rubino as Paramedic

Songs Featured


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Camilla Young

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Emma Ferrari

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Camilla is convinced that Penny is talented enough to attend to M.A.R.S. and she is very proud of her friend. Emma can't believe what has happened to Nicole but agrees that all of her friends must be with her. Ray needs to find something positive to overcome the situation. He feels part of a team who is decided to help Nicole all together.


  • Rebecca is angry with Matt because he doesn't dare to tell his parents they are dating.
  • The doctor says Nicole is in a coma and they don't know when she will wake up.
    • Alex and his friends decide to keep visiting her and talk to her as she was conscient of everything.
    • Linda feels that, without her enemy, something inside her is missing. That's why The Lindas try to wake her up singing Oh My Gloss!, but they go to the wrong room.
    • Penny makes her friend Camilla know she saved Nicole. Even they both don't want to be recognized, Penny needs to give the bracelet back to Alex.
  • As seen in Emma's phone screen, Freddy Wolf is Bakìa's agent.
  • Penny and Camilla have a poster with the text "The Nobody music tour". There isn't such tour so it might be fan made.


  • While Camilla sings We Are One, she says "Just remember who you are" instead of "Just believe in who you are" for unknown reasons.


Alex: How do we make contact with Bakìa?

Emma: We just have to become friends of the most famous pop star in the world.

Alex: Is that impossible?


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