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Samantha Ferri is a major recurring character in Alex & Co. She is the best friend of Linda Rossetti and the third most popular girl in school. She is very shallow, but cares about her friends.

Samantha is portrayed by Asia Corvino.


Samantha may seem like a bad friend, but she really does care about her friends. She is also very loyal to Rebecca, as shown by keeping Rebecca's relationship with Sam a secret and helping her with her breakup. She is very shallow, as shown by when she thought Rebecca was a vampire.

Physical Appearance

Season 1

Samantha has red hair and brown eyes. She often wears pink, black and white. She usually has her hair up in a ponytail or a plait, but sometimes wears it down.

Season 2


Season 3




Samantha lives in Milan, Italy. She has been Linda's best friend since kindergarten.



Linda Rossetti
Best friend See: Sinda
Samantha is Linda's best friend. She follows her around and supports her in everything she does. She replies to most things Linda says with "Obviously!". She is shown to be more loyal to Linda than Rebecca.
Rebecca Guglielmino
Best friend See: Ramantha
Samantha is Rebecca's best friend. Like Rebecca used to do, she follows Linda everywhere and agrees with everything she says. Since Rebecca left The Lindas and Samantha didn't, they have continued being friends in spite of Linda.
Giada Guglielmino
Best friend See: Giamantha
Giada is one of Samantha's best friends. They are both members of The Lindas.


# Season 1 Season 2 Season 3 Special
1 ✔️ Present ✔️ Present ✔️ Present ✔️ Present
2 ✔️ Present ✔️ Present ✔️ Present ✔️ Present
3 ✔️ Present ✔️ Present ✔️ Present ✔️ Present
4 ✔️ Present ✔️ Present ✔️ Present Absent
5 ✔️ Present ✔️ Present ✔️ Present  
6 ✔️ Present ✔️ Present ✔️ Present  
7 ✔️ Present ✔️ Present ✔️ Present  
8 ✔️ Present ✔️ Present ✔️ Present  
9 ✔️ Present ✔️ Present ✔️ Present  
10 ✔️ Present ✔️ Present ✔️ Present  
11 ✔️ Present ✔️ Present ✔️ Present  
12 ✔️ Present ✔️ Present ✔️ Present  
13 ✔️ Present ✔️ Present ✔️ Present  
14   ✔️ Present ✔️ Present  
15   ✔️ Present ✔️ Present  
16   ✔️ Present ✔️ Present  
17   ✔️ Present ✔️ Present  
18   ✔️ Present ✔️ Present  
19     ✔️ Present  
20     ✔️ Present  


  • Samantha cannot live without Linda.
  • Although being an antagonist, Samantha has shown throughout all seasons that she is a very loyal friend to Linda.
  • In Season 2 she wanted to become a detective.
  • In Special Episode 1 she pretended to be Taylor Swift to enter Matt's party.
  • She loves Justin Bieber.
  • Despite being a recurring character, she has appeared more times than Nicole.
  • Her surname is revealed in episode 20 on the cover of her work with Linda.


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