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Samuele "Sam" Costa is a main character in Alex & Co. He is a new friend to Alex, Nicole and Christian at the Melsher Institute. On his first day of school, he is picked by Tom and his sidekick Barto, and Alex later stands up for him. Sam is a geek and is very smart. Although being very smart and knowing it, Sam is very quiet and shy.

In season 2, Sam starts to tutor Rebecca. When he finally meets Math Girl, they realize that they are not meant for each other and Sam then realizes that he had fallen in love with Rebecca.

In the first part of season 3, in a relationship with Rebecca, Sam will try to pull off a more confidence part of himself, but he will realize soon that being yourself is the most important thing.

In Episode 41, he moves abroad because of a scholarship.

Sam Costa is portrayed by Federico Russo.


Sam is smart and he knows it. He dreams of attending the best university in the country, but does not have the financial support to attend Melsher Institute and is on a scholarship. He is kind and caring and a good friend.

Physical Appearance

Season 1

Sam wears a lot of shirts, polo shirts and occasionally t-shirts with a cardigan or sometimes a hoodie. He has brown hair pushed to the side, hazel eyes and freckles.

Season 2

Nothing much has changed but he also wears sweater vests.

Season 3




Sam is an orphan and it's unclear how his parents died. He lives with his grandmother and has to work for an education.




Alex Leoni
Friend, bandmate
Sam and Alex first met when Alex stood up for Sam against Tom. In the later seasons they are shown to share a great friendship.
Nicole De Ponte
Friend, bandmate, crush (former)
When they first met, Sam had a crush on Nicole. His crush was very obvious as he did things like getting her lunch or helping her with Alex. Sam no longer has a crush on Nicole, as he is with Rebecca. Nicole was also the first person to know about Sam and Rebecca's relationship.


Rebecca Guglielmino
Ex-girlfriend, enemy (former) See: Samecca
Sam and Rebecca first actually spoke when Sam started tutoring Rebecca. Rebecca showed a less shallow side towards Sam and spending time with each other caused them to develop feelings for each other. Sam writes a song called "Likewise" for her, which she sings with him. They later start a secret relationship with each other. Rebecca breaks up with him in Episode 29, but they get back together in Episode 31.

In Season 3 first part they are still a couple, but after Sam's moving abroad in Episode 41 they decide to break up because of the distance.


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  • He can play the keyboard.


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