Ratt (R/ebecca and M/att) is the pairing of Rebecca Guglielmino and Matt in Alex & Co.


They met at Erika's bar where he was playing the piano. She confused him with the waiter and he fell in love with her. They later dated and became a couple, but when Rebecca discovered that Matt was rich she got mad at him for not telling her the truth, but then she forgave him. In Special Episodes Matt introduced Rebecca to his parents as his official girlfriend.



  • They both are into music: she sings and he plays the piano.
  • Their families have enough money.


  • His family is way wealthier than hers.
  • He is a bit shy, she is more outgoing.
  • He hadn't been in a relationship before, she had only been dating with Sam Costa.


  • They have kissed a couple of times during the series.
  • After some time being together, Matt finally told his parents about his girlfriend. He was worried that they would not accept her because of her social status, but they were actually glad for him.


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