Nobody is an online alias created by Alex Leoni that plays an important role in Season 3.

Alex creates Nobody to be free to express himself because Diana doesn't let him sing what he wants and thinks only of marketing. He wears a helmet because he wants to be recognized for his music and not for who he is and how he looks. That's why Nobody uploads his videos online undercover.

Later, Alex wants to get rid of Nobody's alias but Ivan decides to take Nobody's clothes and supplant his identity.

He is portrayed by Leonardo Cecchi and Paolo Fantoni.


Alex creates Nobody in episode 36 to express himself because Diana doesn't let him sing what he want and thinks only about marketing. He writes the song I Am Nobody and loads it on the New Singers platform where it reachs 3 million views in 4 days. Because of his success Diana wants to find out who he is but she doesn't know Nobody is exactly Alex. Alex tells Christian and Sam he is Nobody, and tries to tell it even to Nicole, but she doesn't believe him.

In episode 37 Alex decides to upload a video to the Blue Factory's website to help Nicole and Sara with the fundraiser. Nicole texts to Nobody and thanks him.

Alex doesn't feel good about lying Nicole, who loves Nobody, and Clio, who hates the alias. So he finally decides to make Nobody come to an end in episode 41 revealing his identity at the Blue Factory fundraiser event where he was going to sing, in front of all the expectant media.

Instead of being forget, Nobody's alias is more known than Alex name so that in episode 43, a journalist asks Alex to put on his Nobody mask because "people want Nobody, not Alex Leoni", she said.

In that moment, Nobody is an obstacle to Alex, who wants to carry on with Blue Factory Records project with Clio. In episode 47, when Alex is definitely decided to leave Nobody behind and continue his career as himself, Ivan dresses as Nobody and takes the opposite decision.

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  • The name of Nobody cames from the last sentence that Diana said to Alex in episode 35: "Alex, you're still just a kid. If you follow my advice, I guarantee you'll become someone. But at the moment, you're nobody."
  • Alex kissed Nicole as Nobody.


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