Michele Giovanni Cesari (born May 7, 1980) is an Italian actor.

He portrays Giovanni Belli in Alex & Co.

Life and Career

He was born on May 7, 1980 in San Colombano, a small village close to Milan, where he attended art school and later earned a Bachelor's degree in Visual Design. He've always had an interest for communication, specifically figurative. At seventeen, for fun, he attend his first acting class at "Workshop of the actor", in Milan, where he completed the entire three-year training. The passion for this job drove him to get close to Biomechanics of Mejerchol'd, attending courses in Perugia and subsequently the "commedia dell'arte", following lectures by M. Monetta. In 2002 he moved to Rome, where he continued his studies in the laboratory of G. Burinato. Not satisfied, in 2008 he moved to New York to continue his training with S. Batson at Black Nexxus and Ali Fanahrakian at the People Improv Theatre, aka P.I.T.

He started his career playing roles in television series such as Vivere, Casa Vianello and Orgoglio. Then when he moved to Rome he took part in theatrical projects: La Venexiana, Dodici Uomini Arrabbiati, Cardinal mia cara etc.

In 2006 he received the award for "Best Young Actor" at "Campidoglio" in Rome. He, then, participated in several short films and television series such as: Terapia d'urgenza, Distretto di Polizia and Sottocasa while in cinema he played roles in Ho voglia di te, il Tunnel and Quell'estate presented at Rome film festival in 2008. Summertime, shot while in NYC, which won best Screenplay at the First Time Fest in New York.

From the beginning, and even now, the motivation that drives him to do this job is the curiosity for the hidden relationship between a person's character and how one's body transposes it outside. What kind of shape "our wrapper" takes on to relate with the surrounding environment. He dislike the representation of characters in the form of cliche', he always try to find their uniqueness of "feeling as individual", but mostly sharing the humanity that there is behind all of us.

He enjoy drawing illustrations, taking photos and decorate t-shirts.



Year Title Role
2003 Il tunnel
2005 La tempesta
2007 Ho voglia di te
2008 Quell'estate
2011 Summertime


Year Title Role
2001-2002 Vivere
2002 Casa Vianello 1 episode
2003-2004 Il mammo
2004 Orgoglio 2
2004 Camera cafè 1 episode
2005 Orgoglio 3
2006 Radio sex 1 episode
2006 Sottocasa
2006 Distretto di polizia 6 1 episodio
2007 Colpi di sole 1 episode
2008-2009 Terapia d'urgenza 12 episodes
2012 Un angelo all'inferno
2012-2015 Un posto al sole
2014 Don Matteo 9 1 episode
2014 Il restauratore 2 1 episode
2015-present Alex & Co. Giovanni Belli
2016-present Un medico in famiglia 10



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