Matteo "Matt" is a character in Season 3 and in Special Episodes of Alex & Co.

He is a friend of Alex & Co. and an excellent pianist who plays in Erika's bar. There he met Rebecca and fell in love with her.

Matt is portrayed by Luca Valenti.


Matt is very shy and clumsy. He is often ankward but also kind. He has a double identity, in fact when he plays the piano, he becomes confident and can express his feelings.

Physical Appearance

Matt is quite tall and has brown hair. He often wears fancy clothes, since he can afford expensive suits.



Matt lives in Milan, Italy. He was born to Sonia and Arturo and has a sister named Soraya. His family is very rich and they own a big villa. He has also a personal driver, James.


Before the show

We don't know much about Matt, except that he has studied piano for 8 years before he took an exam in Episode 49 to enter the Music Academy.

Season 3

Matt's first appearance is in Episode 44 when he is playing the piano in Erika's bar. He meets Rebecca and falls in love with her. Since she confuses him with the waiter, he pretends to be a humble and poor boy, even if he has a secret: he is millionaire. Erika notices him and decides to hire him as a waiter, but he is a troublemaker and a very clumsy boy.

Later Matt and Rebecca start to hang out together and they even sing together their version of Oh My Gloss!. Rebecca starts to feel something for him, but Matt is struggled about telling Rebecca the truth and he can't get closer to her. So when Rebecca tries to kiss him, he runs away. After a series of events, Matt is decided to tell her the truth, but he can't contact her because Rebecca's sister, Giada, blocked him from her sister's phone. Rebecca, on the other hand, thinks he has already a girlfriend.

In Episode 49 Matt and Rebecca meet again at his piano exam and Matt finally tells Rebecca he is rich, introducing her his mother and sister. Rebecca feels strange, but then she forgives him and in Episode 50 they share a kiss. In Episode 51 he is shown to have became friends with Alex and the others, and he even sings the piano during Alex's The Magic of Love performance.

Special Episodes

In Special Episodes Matt organizes a birthday party in his big villa and decides to invite his friends. But at the party his parents want him to be with the model Ginevra and don't consider Rebecca, who gets sad. Matt tries to convince her that she is the only girl he wants, but he doesn't dare to tell it to his parents. Furthermore he talks with Alex and confessed he feels treated like a baby by his parents

In Special Episode 3 he dedicates, with Ray, a special version of Truth or Dare to Rebecca, but she is still upset and wants him to be courageous and tell his parents they are dating.

In the last episode Matt asks his parents to shoot a Live It Up cover in his house, but when they say it isn't a good idea, Matt gets angry and finally tells them he is not a baby anymore and introduces them Rebecca as his official girlfriend.



Rebecca Guglielmino
Girlfriend See: Ratt
They met at Erika's bar where he was playing the piano. She confused him with the waiter and he fell in love with her. They later dated and became a couple, but when Rebecca discovered that Matt was rich she got mad at him for not telling her the truth, but then she forgave him. In Special Episodes Matt introduced Rebecca to his parents as his official girlfriend.


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  • He was introduced in Season 3 second part with Ray, Giada and Ivan.
  • The actor who portrays him, Luca Valenti, said that he isn't as shy as Matt but as clumsy as Matt.
  • In Special Episodes he organized a birthday party in his house.
  • His driver James follows him everywhere.
  • He was a recurring character in Season 3 second part, but in Special Episodes he became a main character.
  • He lives in a big villa with a pool and a tennis court.
  • He calls his parents "Dinosaurs".
  • He doesn't attend Melsher Institute, so it is possible he studies in a private school.
  • He is an amazing piano player.
  • His full name "Matteo" was revealed in episode 49 by his mother.


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