Ivan is a recurring character in the third season of Alex & Co. He returns unannounced and is ready to do anything to get his ex-girlfriend, Clio, back.

Ivan is portrayed by Paolo Fantoni.


Ivan is quite manipulative as he is a fake friend towards Alex, copying his dance moves. However, Ivan is also quite caring and still loves his ex-girlfriend, Clio.

Physical Appearance



Before the Show


Season 3




Linda Rossetti
Enemy, friends (formerly) See: Livan
Linda helped Ivan to get Clio back together so that she could destroy Alex. When Ivan failed, Linda took it personally and they became enemies.
Alex Leoni
Rival, frenemy (formerly) See: Ivalex
Alex and Ivan are enemies because Alex is dating Clio, Ivan's ex-girlfriend, and Ivan wants Clio back. Ivan works as support at the Blue Factory to get act as a fake friend to Alex and take him down. Ivan often sabotages Alex so he can dress up as Nobody. Ivan later says that Alex was a fake and that he is the real Nobody. They later have a competition to decide who the real Nobody is.


Clio Pinto
Ex-girlfriend, crush See: Clivan
Ivan and Clio dated prior to the series, but broke up for unknown reasons. However, Ivan wants Clio back, much to Clio's dismay.


# Season 3
1 Absent
2 Absent
3 Absent
4 Absent
5 Absent
6 Absent
7 Absent
8 Absent
9 Absent
10 Absent
11 Absent
12 ✔️ Present
13 ✔️ Present
14 ✔️ Present
15 ✔️ Present
16 ✔️ Present
17 ✔️ Present
18 ✔️ Present
19 ✔️ Present
20 ✔️ Present


  • His name is pronounced slightly differently depending on the language. For example, in Italian he is called /ˈiban/, in English /ˈaɪvən/, in Spanish /iˈban/ or in Hungarian /iˈvan/.


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