—Giada's catchphrase

Giada Guglielmino is a recurring character in the second part of Season 3 and in Special Episodes of Alex & Co. She is Rebecca's young sister and her substitute in The Lindas when Rebecca leaves the group.

Giada is portrayed by Arianna Amadei.


She is a big fan of Linda so she tries to be just like her. She likes being the focus of attraction. She is also very determined and smart.

Physical Appearance

Giada has long blonde curly hair. She wears pinky clothes with some jewellery, just as Linda.



Giada lives in Milan, Italy. She is the sister of Rebecca. We don't know much about Giada's parents, except that her father is a doctor, so we can assume she has a wealthy family.

Before the show

Before her first appearance in Season 3 second part, Giada has studied abroad for a while, since she wanted to jump a school year to be in the same class of her sister and Linda.

Season 3

Giada's first appearance is in Episode 42. She has just returned from abroad and is shown to be a big fan of Linda, thanks to the stories of her sister Rebecca. Since she want to be like Linda she tries to reunite the group, splitted up after Rebecca's leaving, and becomes a "Linda". She helps Linda in every plan and proves to be very smart and evil.

Special Episodes

In Special Episodes Giada is still devoted to Linda, but in the penultimate episode, she is shown to be changed since she cares more to her needs than Linda's command.



Rebecca Guglielmino
Sister See: Giabecca
In spite of being sisters, they don't get along well. She doesn't want to say Rebecca's catchphrase to distinguish from her sister. Giada considers Rebecca a "loser".


Linda Rossetti
Best friend See: Ginda
Linda is a role model for Giada as she tries to imitate Linda's behaviour.
Samantha Ferri
Best friend See: Giamantha
Samantha is one of Giada's best friends. They are both members of The Lindas.


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  • Her catchphrase is "Totally!".
  • She is one year younger than Rebecca, but she studied in a private school to jump a school year so she can be in the same class of Linda.
  • In France she is called Jade (pronounced like jad), which is the French version of her name.


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