Giabecca (Gia/da and Re/becca) is the sibling relationship between Giada and Rebecca Guglielmino in Alex & Co.


Before the Show

Rebecca and Giada are sisters. The way they felt towards each other may have been different before the series started as their personalities were most likely very similar.

Season 3

Rebecca and Giada do not like each other. Rebecca makes fun of Giada for loving Linda so much, but Giada just shakes her off.



  • They both have blonde hair.
  • They both have a relationship with Linda. (Rebecca: ex-best friend; Giada: best friend)


  • Rebecca has brown eyes but Giada has blue eyes.
  • Rebecca is older than Giada.


  • Giada is one year younger than Rebecca, but she studied in a private school to jump a school year so she can be in the same class of Linda.


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