Not to be confused with Federico Russo, the host of The Voice of Italy

Federico Russo (born October 19, 1997) is an Italian actor and singer best known for portraying Mimmo Cesaroni in the family comedy, I Cesaroni.

He portrays Sam Costa on Alex & Co.

Life and Career

Federico was born in 1997 in Rome, where he lives with his mother and his five young siblings, two boys and three girls. His father left his mother and siblings.[1]

He debuted in 2004, participating in Incantesimo 7, a television series broadcast in Italy on Rai 2. In 2005 is present in Incantesimo 8 and in De Gasperi, l'uomo della speranza, a television miniseries broadcast on Rai Uno. In the same year he won Dancing with the children starlets, category of the second edition of Dancing with the Stars from Rai Uno conducted by Milly Carlucci.

In 2006 he participates in Canale 5's miniseries Carabinieri – Sotto copertura, spin-off of series Carabinieri. In the same year he comes to popularity by participating in I Cesaroni from Canale 5 as well in the role of Mimmo Cesaroni, with Claudio Amendola and Elena Sofia Ricci, who also plays the role in subsequent seasons.

From June 6 to 9, 2009, he participates as a guest to the transmission Break Post, broadcast on Rai Gulp, along with Angelica Cinquantini, also in the cast of I Cesaroni. Besides, in 2009 he participates in the TV series "Provaci ancora Prof" in the role of Nino. In 2010 he starred in the video clip of Anime di vetro by PQuadro, with lyrics, music and arrangement by Emilio Munda and directed by Gabriele Paoli.

In 2011 he starred in the individual video clips of Max Pezzali, Believe.

In 2014 he is engaged in I Cesaroni series, this time for the sixth series.

From 2015 to 2016 he worked for Disney Channel, playing Sam Costa in Alex & Co. and its movie Come diventare grandi nonostante i genitori.

In 2017, he dubbed Rudolph in the movie Ballerina. He also appeared in two series, Scomparsa on Rai Uno and L'isola di Pietro on Canale 5, and shot another one, Don Matteo 11 for Rai Uno.[2]


Year Title Role
2004 Incantesimo 7 Michele
2005 De Gasperi, l'uomo della speranza Giorgio
Carabinieri: Sotto copertura
2006 – 2012 I Cesaroni Mimmo Cesaroni
2008 The Teacher Nino
2010 Coincidenze Kid
2014 L'aquilone di Claudio
2015 – 2016 Alex & Co. Sam Costa
2016 Come diventare grandi nonostante i genitori
2017 Ballerina Rudolph (Italian dub voice)
L'isola di Pietro Matteo Sulci
Scomparsa Luca Rebeggiani
2018 Don Matteo 11 Seba


  • He is the second oldest main cast member, after Riccardo Alemanni.
  • His star sign is a Libra.
  • He has a tattoo on his right arm.[3]
  • He smokes.[4]
  • He studied in the liceo delle scienze umane (human sciences secondary school) Eugenio Montale in Roma.
  • He voices Rudolph in the Italian version of the 2016 movie Ballerina. He hadn't made any other dubs before.[5]
  • He appeared in L'isola di Pietro together with the Alex & Co. actors Beatrice Vendramin, Daniele Rampello and Ninni Bruschetta.
  • He appeared in Scomparsa together with the Alex & Co. actors Eleonora Gaggero and Saul Nanni.
  • He is in a relationship with Chiara Primavesi.[1]

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