Sei tu che colori e accendi il tempo dei miei sogni

You are the one who colors and lights up the time of my dreams

Alex, singing to Nicole

Episode 51 is the twentieth and final episode of Season 3 of Alex & Co. and the 51st episode overall. It premiered in Italy on February 18, 2017.


It's the time of the challenge to proclaim the real Nobody. All of Alex's friends are on his side, whereas Ivan is supported by the Lindas, who have developed a plan to beat Alex and destroy him in all ways. The truth about Nobody is be restored and Alex, Emma and Ray perform without masks showing all their talent. At the end, Nicole appears by surprise at the Blue Factory.




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Nicole De Ponte

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Alex Leoni

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Giada Guglielmino

Nicole talks about how she felt when Alex kissed her while he was singing the song she wrote for him.


  • Mr. Ferrari finds out that Ray isn't a bad influence as he thought and apologizes to Nina.
    • He and Nina also share a kiss after their kids' performance.
  • Alex proves that he is the real Nobody and begins his career as himself, not as an alias.
    • Ivan is catched because he can't sing without the mask.
    • Linda has to leave the Blue Factory and gives Sara the management of the theater.
  • Alex sings The Magic of Love and realizes that Nicole wrote the lyrics for him. While he is singing, they share a kiss.
  • This episode is titled "The Nobody challenge" in France.


Clio: Alex Leoni, remember the good doesn't always win.
Alex: Well... We'll see
Alex: And you, ready for the big event?
Matt, Clio, Emma, Ray and Rebecca: (showing Alex T-shirts) We're ready!
Nicole, at the videoselfies: Now I know it. Alex and I are meant to be together forever.


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