Episode 50 is the nineteenth and penultimate episode of Season 3 of Alex & Co. and the 50th episode overall. It premiered in Italy on February 18, 2017.


Alex challenges Ivan to a face to face competition at the Blue Factory, everybody has to know that Ivan is an impostor. Ivan doesn't accept at the beginning, but Clio flatters him and convinces him. He will need The Lindas' help to win. Meanwhile, Nicole finds out about the issue of the fake Nobody and makes Alex know that, even she is distant, she is on his side. On the other hand, Emma decides to be back with Ray, Matt apologizes to Rebecca for lying her and Clio discovers that Alex's new song is written by Nicole.




Main Cast

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  • Michele Bottini as James

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Rebecca Guglielmino

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Clio Pinto



  • Alex challenges Ivan to find out who the real Nobody is. He doesn't accept at the beginning because he's afraid he can lose, but Clio tricks him so that he agrees.
  • Matt apologizes to Rebecca for having lied to her. Finally, they share a kiss.
  • Emma and Clio discover that Nicole wrote The Magic of Love lyrics but Sara asks them not to say anything to Alex.
  • Ray and Emma share a kiss in her house. They tell her father that they are in love and they don't mind his opinion.
  • Clio breaks with Alex because she realizes that Nicole still loves him.
  • This episode is titled "Unity is strength" in France.


Linda, to Ivan: I've decided to give you a second chance. Because I'm generous, right?

Samantha: Obviously!

Giada: Totally!
Clio, to Alex: I'm not the right girl for you. It's not me who holds the key of your heart.


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