Episode 49 is the eighteenth episode of Season 3 of Alex & Co. and the 49th episode overall. It premiered in Italy on February 11, 2017.


Alex and Ivan confront face to face for the first time, and Ivan confesses him that he wants to become a better Nobody than him. Clio finds out that Ivan, her ex-boyfriend, is behind all of this and decides to go talk to him. Emma and Ray are more and more distant, maybe they belong to too different worlds to be together. While Rebecca discovers that Matt has been hiding a secret, Ivan arrives at Melsher and tries to convince everyone that he is the real Nobody.




Main Cast

Recurring Cast

Guest Cast

  • Michele Bottini as James
  • Michelle Carpente as Erika
  • Yvonne Giovanello as Sonia, Matt's mother
  • Lucrezia Bertini as Soraya, Matt's sister
  • Michele Radiche as Committee president

Absent Cast

Songs Featured


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Giada Guglielmino

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Linda Rossetti



  • Nina doesn't trust Ray but when she finds out that Mr. Ferrari wasn't allowing her son to date with Emma, they finally recover their confidence. However, Nina is still angry with Emma's father.
  • Rebecca discovers that Matt is auditioning for the Academy, like Clio. Here, she meets his mother and sister.
  • Ivan takes off Nobody's mask and tries to convince everybody that the real Nobody is him, and Alex was the fake one.
  • Clio finds out that the fake Nobody is Ivan and Leoni finds out that Ivan was her boyfriend.
  • This episode is titled "The truth about Matt" in France.


Clio: You wouldn't have said that many ridiculous things like that.
Alex: Thank you! So you believe me!


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