Episode 45 is the fourteenth episode of Season 3 of Alex & Co. and the 45th episode overall. It premiered in Italy on January 28, 2017.


Rebecca confides to Emma that she and Sam have broken up because of the distance. Emma understands her as she has lived the same with Christian, and the girls begin a deep friendship. The Lindas continue with their plan of taking advantage of Ivan's skill to creep into Alex's life. Meanwhile, Matt and Rebecca begin to know each other, Nicole is admitted to the school for young writers and her friends prepare a surprise party for her.




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Clio is practising for the Academy admission tests. Patrick is a good teacher, but she would want him to understand the situation between her and Alex: she still feels many emotions when she sees him. Rebecca thinks about her relationship with Sam. Breaking up has been hurtful, but she will never forget him, her first true love. Nicole is about to leave to go to the writers school. She is still in love with Alex, but she can't miss an opportunity like this. Now she has to prove she deserves it.


  • Rebecca and Sam broke up because of the distance.
  • Nicole is admitted to the writers school and she is afraid to move to another city for a few months.
    • She confesses her feelings to Alex.
  • Somebody dresses as Nobody and supplants Alex's identity, who doesn't know that Ivan did.
  • Jefferson Yaw Frempong-Manson guest starred in this episode and the next one. He is a Dutch actor known for playing a main character of Just Like Me!, a Disney Channel Netherlands Original Series.
    Jefferson in Alex & Co

    Jefferson in Alex & Co. - Part 1

    • During his stay in Italy, he made a set of 3 videos explaining his adventures there.
    • He said his lines in English originally but for unknown reasons, he was re-dubbed in the English dub.
    • Femke Meines, his workmate in Just Like Me!, had previously appeared in episode 20.
  • This is the first appearance of Michele Bottini as James. Previously, he had appeared in the series as a football coach in episode 15 and 21 and in the movie as a janitor of the school.
  • This episode is titled "Stage fright" in France.


  • When Emma is on the Blue Factory stage and Alex answers a phone call, part of a camera can be seen on the right of the screen.


Rebecca: You look more and more like Linda.

Giada: Oh, really? Thanks!

Rebecca: It wasn't meant to be a compliment.
Nicole: It doesn't matter how far you travel, or how high you climb, the best adventures are the ones you live with your friends.


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