Episode 44 is the thirteenth episode of Season 3 of Alex & Co. and the 44th episode overall. It premiered in Italy on January 28, 2017.


Alex tries for the umpteenth time to win back Clio's trust, but she doesn't give in. Besides, Ray keeps trying to attract Emma but she makes him believe that Alex is her boyfriend, to keep him away. The Lindas make up a plan against Alex that involves Ivan, while Nicole tries to be admitted to a songwriters course. Confiding in her friend Emma, Nicole understands she isn't leaving everything behind. On the other hand, Rebecca meets Matt, a rather funny waiter.




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Giada is finally part of The Lindas but she still can't understand why Rebecca preferred "the group of losers" rather than Linda. Emma thinks about Ray and that she might like him a bit. Meanwhile, she pretends to be with Alex to keep him away. Matt recalls the moment when he met Rebecca. He is sure she is the woman of his life, but she thinks he is a waiter. He needs to find a way to meet her again.


  • This is the first appearance of Matt.
  • Barto is mentioned, but nothing is said about why he isn't in season 3.
  • Ivan gets a job at the Blue Factory to be closer to Alex so he can follow Linda's plan to frustrate Alex's performances and get Clio back.
  • In Giada's dream, Samantha calls her "Giada Guglielmino". It's the first time her surname is heard, although it was seen in episode 21 as Rebecca's.
  • Alex and Emma pretend to be a couple to keep Ray away and get Clio back.
  • Nicole realizes she still loves Alex.
  • This episode is titled "Ivan and The Lindas" in France.


  • In the original broadcast on Disney Channel Italy, Michelle Carpente as Erika was not credited and Sara Borsarelli as Diana was instead. This was fixed in Rai Gulp and international versions.


Linda: Are you Ivan?
Ivan: It depends.
Matt: Thank you, Erika. You won't regret it. (throws a tray)
Erika: I'm afraid I'm already regreting it...
Emma: Nicole, news flash: Alex and Nobody are the same person.


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