Episode 42 is the eleventh episode of Season 3 of Alex & Co. and the 42nd episode overall. It premiered in Italy on January 21, 2017.


After revealing the identity of Nobody, Alex has to give explanations to Nicole and Clio. Meanwhile, Sara tells the guys that the Blue Factory's fundraiser event was a success and there is enough money to start a new project.




Main Cast

Recurring Cast

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Songs Featured

  • Music Speaks (theme song)
  • Brighter Day by Bob Bradley, Matt Sanchez, Sarah Wassall and Sarah Little (transition song that Emma is listening with her earphones)
  • Welcome to Your Show (ending credits song)


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Linda Rossetti

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Alex Leoni

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Emma Ferrari

Linda can't believe that Nobody is actually Alex. Besides, she thinks that Moon turned her into a loser, but now the real Linda is back. Taking away Nobody's mask has been awesome for Alex. But even though Nobody saved the Blue Factory, he also hurt the two most important people in Alex's life: Nicole and Clio. Emma is happy after the Blue Factory Records opening, although she is sad about Christian's departure but now she wants to concentrate on herself.



Linda: You'll pay dearly, Alex. Because you took away Nobody! I don't know when, I don't know how, but I do know for sure I will get even. I'll have my revenge.
Principal Ferrari: Can I come in? Are you busy?
Emma: Yes, I'm staring at the ceiling.

International Premieres

Italy flag Italy: January 21, 2017
UK flag Slash Ireland flag UK and Ireland: March 28, 2018 (No hiatus between the two parts of the season)
Spain flag Spain: June 21, 2017 (Season 3 part 2 began two days before with Episode 40)
France flag France: May 29, 2017
Poland flag Poland: September 5, 2017 (Season 3 part 2 began the day before with Episode 41)
Greece flag Greece: July 17, 2017
Middle East flag Middle East: July 17, 2017
South Africa flag South Africa: July 17, 2017
Benelux flag Benelux: November 18, 2017 (No hiatus between the two parts of the season)
Hungary flag Slash Czech Republic flag Hungary and Czech Republic: September 5, 2017 (Season 3 part 2 began the day before with Episode 41)
Bulgaria flag Slash Romania flag Bulgaria and Romania: September 5, 2017 (Season 3 part 2 began the day before with Episode 41)


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