Episode 41 is the tenth episode of Season 3 of Alex & Co. and the 41th episode overall. It premiered in Italy on October 22, 2016.


The Blue Factory's fundraiser event finally arrived. Alex & Co. perform, like a mysterious dancer. In the theater also appears Nobody who decides to reveal his identity in front of all.




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  • This is the last episode aired in 2016.
  • In this episode Sam and Rebecca sing their song Likewise in front of all for the first time.
  • This is the first time that Alex & Co. sing together again since Season 2.
  • Alex & Co. sing Welcome to Your Show for the first time together.
  • Since filming for the next episode was interrupted to shoot the movie, this episode had 3 different ending credits:
    1. In its first broadcast on Disney Channel Italy, it ended with a summary of previous Season 3 moments focusing on Sam and Rebecca relationship, including mistakenly the text "on the next episode" while We Are One was playing on the background.
    2. On the Rai Gulp broadcast, there wasn't any text and some moments were changed to focus on the band evolution throughout the season. Besides, the background song was replaced by Welcome to Your Show.
    3. The final version, used for international distribution, shows the usual preview of the next episode because it had already been shot by then. The background song is the same as the one used in Rai Gulp version.
  • This episode is titled "The concert" in France.


  • During Welcome to Your Show performance, there are two errors:
    • At the beginning we can see that Christian's jacket is unbottoned. In the later frames, however, it is immediately buttoned. This error is repeated multiple times throughout the whole performance.
    • When Alex & Co. throw their jackets, we can see that Nicole's jacket is stuck on Blue Factory's sign. Immediately after, the jacket is on the ground.
  • Due to an editing error, Clio spins twice in the same place just before doing some somersaults.


Rebecca, to Sam: What are you afraid of? You and I are stronger than anything else, including distance.
Christian: Alex & Co. for one last show.

Emma: Let's enjoy it.
Nicole: There is one thing that won't change, and is that we'll always be together.
Sam: Friends.
Alex: Together...

All: Forever


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