Episode 38 is the seventh episode of Season 3 of Alex & Co. and the 38th episode overall. It premiered in Italy on October 15, 2016.


Alex, Sam and Christian decide to leave Alex and Co, causing the anger of Linda, who leaves her good part and returns to be the old evil Linda. Sam tries to repair his relationship with Rebecca. Emma still doesn't want to sing, but when Nicole wants to write a song and asks her to help, she starts singing again. Clio tells Alex about her past and why she doesn't trust anyone.




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  • Germano Lanzoni as The Doctor

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Clio Pinto

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Emma Ferrari

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Alex Leoni



  • Nina mentions her son again. His name will be revealed to be Ray in two episodes.
  • Clio confesses Alex she wanted to disappear because she was suffering bullying from her friends.
    • She says she had a boyfriend, who could probably be Ivan.
  • This episode is titled "A wise decision" in France.


  • In the first broadcast on Disney Channel Italy in the scene when Nicole and Emma sing Welcome to Your Show, the first part is sang by Nicole, but both Beatrice and Eleonora's voices were heard. After that, Emma sings alone but Nicole's back-ups can be heard as well. This error was later fixed as the broadcast of the episode on Rai Gulp, international versions and official YouTube clips are ok.


Diana: If you wanna leave, you're free to do so. Then... you'll dissolve the band?

Alex, Sam and Christian: Yes.
Linda: No!
Diana: Then see ya, Alex & Co.
Alex, Sam and Christian: Yep, see ya. (exiting the studio)

Diana: (looking to the boys without knowing what to answer)


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