Episode 22 is the ninth episode of Season 2 of Alex & Co. and the 22nd episode overall. It premiered in Italy on October 25, 2015.


Both The Lindas and Alex & Co. are rehearsing for the second program of The Talent and there is a lot of tension between the members of Alex's band. He, obsessed with composing the new song, forgets he had to met Nicole for their six months anniversary. Sam and Rebecca finally kiss.




Main Cast

Recurring Cast

Guest Cast

  • Davide Clivio as Hugo
  • (Unknown name) as Vanessa

Songs Featured


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Sam Costa

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Nicole De Ponte

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  • Rebecca begins to disagree with Linda for considering her friends backup singers while she is the leader.
  • Alex is shown to be very worried to make a good song.
  • Christian tries to make Emma jealous with a girl called Vanessa.
  • Meanwhile, Emma is angry with Barto because she has proved he read her diary. He confesses he is really in love with her.
  • Rebecca sings Likewise, her own song, for the first time. Sam likes it and encourages her to finish it.
    • After that, the couple shares their first kiss.
  • While composing Truth or Dare, Alex completely forgets about his date with Nicole.
  • This episode is titled "Happy birthday" in France.


  • Nicole smiles when she is packing back her cake but she was supposed to be very sad because Alex had stood her up and she is getting wet.
    • Besides, the rain looks very heavy but they their clothes are quite dry even their hair is a bit wet.


Alex: Since we've been together for half a year, can I give you half a gift?
Nicole: Only if you'll give me the other half in six months.


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