Eleonora Gaggero (born November 20, 2001) is an Italian actress, model and singer.

She portrays Nicole De Ponte in Alex & Co.

Life and Career

Gaggero has been dancing since she was three years old. To help combat her shyness, her parents enrolled her in speaking and acting classes, where she found her love for the art.

In 2011, she had her first role in a commercial.

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Year Title Role
2014 Fratelli Unici (Unique Brothers) Stella
2015 – 2017 Alex & Co. Nicole De Ponte
2016 Come diventare grandi nonostante i genitori
2017 Scomparsa (Disappeared) Camilla


  • She is the youngest out of the main cast.
  • She has a younger sister named Veronica.
  • She wrote a book called Tu e io contro il mondo (provisional title), that will be released in September 2017.[2]
  • She is a fan of One Direction and Mika.
  • She has the fear of Butterflies.
  • She practice Hip Hop.
  • She has 2 cats: Matisse and Melody.
  • She admires Johnny Depp, Leonardo Di Caprio and Ian Somerhalder.
  • She loves to read and watch TV series.
  • She likes Pasta with pesto sauce.
  • She doesn't like Chocolate and Jam.
  • She prefers sparkling water and sodas than to mineral water.
  • Her favourite school subjects are Italian and Science.
  • Her favourite color is Yellow.
  • Her favourite movie is Titanic
  • Her favourite book is Paper Towns
  • Her lucky number is 8.
  • Her favourite TV show when she was little was Hannah Montana
  • Her favourite Disney Movies are The Little Mermaid, The Lion King, Inside Out, The Avengers and Pocahontas

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