Diana Jones is a recurring character in Season 3 of Alex & Co. She worked at the Youth Sound Records and was Alex & Co's manager and producer. She decided to leave the record label and take a break in episode 42.

Diana Jones is portrayed by Sara Borsarelli.


She is a very exigent manager who bases on market studies to decide if a song will be successful or not. This causes her conflicts with Alex, who prefers to follow his heart and sing what he likes.


Season 3



# Season 3
1 ✔️ Present
2 ✔️ Present
3 ✔️ Present
4 ✔️ Present
5 ✔️ Present
6 ✔️ Present
7 ✔️ Present
8 Absent
9 Absent
10 ✔️ Present
11 ✔️ Present
12 Absent
13 Absent
14 Absent
15 Absent
16 Absent
17 Absent
18 Absent
19 Absent
20 Absent


  • She can speak English.


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