Not to be confused with David, the assistant cook of Alex & Co. Season 2

Davide Aiello is a character in the movie Come diventare grandi nonostante i genitori.

He is portrayed by Emanuele Misuraca.



Physical Appearance



After Alex loses all of his band members, he decides to hold auditions to regain the members he lost so he can enter a contest. Nobody shows up to the audition, so Alex starts to pack up, but Davide finally shows up and wows Alex with his piano skills. Davide also explains that he has just transferred to Alex's school because he flunked out of his old one. Alex offers him a spot in his band, but warns Davide that the band may cause him to fail all of his classes. Davide responds by saying he already has failing grades in all of his classes.

The band, which now includes all of Alex's former bandmates, begins to study heavily in addition to practicing. Due to this, Davide's grades in school improve, aside from math class, where he continues to fail. Because of Davide's failing grade in math, the headmistress of the school refuses to fund the band's recording for the contest. To raise money for the recording, Davide takes on a variety of jobs, which include teaching an uninterested kid to play the piano and performing at the restaurant his father works at. His temper causes him to lose his pay for both jobs, but his father offers him some money for his performance.

Despite the lack of money, the band receives help from Bob Riley, who agrees to arrange their track, so the band moves on to the next round. After a trip with the band and Bob Riley's family, he returns to school, where he has just received a 7 on his math test. He is in disbelief and is ecstatic that he's finally receiving passing marks in math class. At the final performance, Davide opens "I Can See the Stars" with a spotlight on himself and the grand piano he's playing. The band wins the competition, and Davide immediately video calls his father, who was unable to attend. The next day at school, Davide gets to see the music room for the first time, and plays "I Can See the Stars" with the band for the students.





  • In the English dub, his name is translated as "David".


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