Carola Campagna (born April 26, 1997) is an Italian singer.

She portrayed Carola in Alex & Co. Season 2.

Life and Career

Carola was born in April 1997 and since childhood she has showed a big passion for music. She has studied piano for 7 years and has got singing lessons since she was 8.

In 2015 she partecipated in The Voice of Italy, coming in third. Thanks to the competition Carola had the opportunity to record the song Se Solo, Italian version of If Only, featured in the soundtrack of the Disney TV movie Descendants.

With Disney, she also had the opportunity to take part in the television series Alex & Co. as Carola.

Meanwhile, Carola released an EP featuring 4 songs sung during the The Voice of Italy and 2 new ones.

In December 2015 sang The Circle of Life in the Italian version of the music collection We Love Disney.

In 2016 she auditioned for Sanremo Giovani 2017, arriving in the top 12 with the song Prima che arrivi il giorno.


Year Title Role
2015 Alex & Co. Carola


  • She participated in The Voice of Italy in 2015 and came in third.
  • She sang Se Solo, the Italian version of the Disney Descendants song If Only.
  • Her idols are Christina Aguilera and Mariah Carey.
  • She appeared in episode 26 and 28 of Alex & Co., where she sang a cover of Music Speaks and We Are One, respectively.

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