Camilla Young is a recurring character in Special Episodes of Alex & Co. and a main character in Penny on M.A.R.S. She is Penny's best friend.

Camilla is portrayed by Shannon Gaskin.


Camilla is very funny and exuberant. She is outgoing and very caring towards her best friend Penny.

Physical Appearance

Camilla is quite tall and has dirty blonde hair. During Alex & Co. Special Episodes, she always wears bright clothes and a lot of necklaces and takes pride in her look.

In Penny on M.A.R.S. she wears a red shirt with black dots, dungarees and a lemon-colored jacket.



Camilla is an American girl.

Before Alex & Co.

We don't know much about her life before the Special Episodes events, but we can assume that she has been Penny's best friend since a long time.

Special Episodes

In these episodes, Camilla only talks with Penny, mainly about the latter's life. In her room or through phone or video calls, Camilla advises her about how to confess she saved Nicole without revealing her identity.

Meanwhile, Penny dreams of applying for the M.A.R.S. but she still has some doubts. Camilla tries to convince her to do it and when Penny finally makes the decision, she is very happy that both friends will attend to the school.

Penny on M.A.R.S.




Penny Mendez
Best Friend See: Pennilla
Penny and Camilla are best friends and rely on each other. They also have two nicknames: Flamingo for Penny and Monkey for Camilla. Camilla helps Penny to overcome her shyness and give her advices to follow her dreams.


# Special
1 Absent
2 ✔️ Present
3 ✔️ Present
4 ✔️ Present


  • Despite Camilla is an Alex & Co. fan, she didn't meet them. She is aware of everything that happened in Special Episodes because Penny told her.
  • Her mother, Debbie, is a professional Opera singer.


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