Barto is Tom's best friend and sidekick. He is shown to always be around or close to Tom.

Barto is portrayed by Anis Romdhane.


Barto seems violent and scary on the outside, but inside he really cares for his best friend Tom and crush Emma.

Physical Appearance

Season 1


Season 2




Barto has most likely known Tom a long time.



Best friends
Tom and Barto are best friends. When the series started, it seemed as if Barto was more of a sidekick or ragdoll for Tom to make do whatever he wanted him to do. However, Tom seems to actually see Barto as a best friend and shows some care for him.


Emma Ferrari
Enemies, crush (formerly) See: Bemma
Barto was told by Tom to date Emma, however he fell in love with her.


# Season 1 Season 2
1 ✔️ Present Absent
2 ✔️ Present ✔️ Present
3 ✔️ Present ✔️ Present
4 ✔️ Present ✔️ Present
5 Absent Absent
6 ✔️ Present Absent
7 Absent ✔️ Present
8 Absent ✔️ Present
9 ✔️ Present ✔️ Present
10 Absent Absent
11 ✔️ Present ✔️ Present
12 Absent ✔️ Present
13 ✔️ Present Absent
14   Absent
15   Absent
16   Absent
17   ✔️ Present
18   Absent


  • As the series progresses, Barto has been portrayed as less of a villain's sidekick stereotype. For example: he shows that he is intelligent, cares about other people and is open to making new friends.
  • It is unknown why Barto and Tom do not appear in Season 3. Barto is mentioned once so it can be assumed they are still students at Melsher Institute but don't talk with the rest of the characters anymore since Tom broke up with Linda.


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