Episode 1

Alex is first seen climbing out of his window. He then argues with his mother about habits before riding his bike to school. At school, he meets up with his best friend, Nicole, who is in love with him.
The pair go inside the school and later meet Christian, their best friend. 

Alex later meets Emma, and falls in love. He then sees Sam getting bullied by Tom and Barto and intervenes, trapping Tom in a locker. They all go into a room, with the rest of the grade, and the the principal gives them a long speech. Alex makes a joke and gets called out by the principal, getting embarrassed in front of his fellow classmates.

After the principal's speech, they enlist in Linda for help to their class, and she sends them to the old part of the school where they almost discover the secret room. However, Nina catches them and they are sent to there class. They walk into Professor Strozzi's class late and Alex argues, getting them
three hours of detention.

In detention, Alex doesn't stop talking to Nina. He also sits on the front row next to Emma instead of in his normal spot next to Christian on the second row. They are listening to music when their favorite song comes on. 

After detention, Alex and his friends agree to go to the secret room.

Episode 2

In the secret room, Alex is quite excitable. He dances with Emma. During Professor Strozzi's class, he remains silent.

After Math, Nicole and Alex talk after she retrieved her map of the school. The five attempt to re-enter the secret room, but once again get discovered by Nina.

During Professor Belli's class, Alex is hungry as show when he starts talking about pizza. After school, they go back to the secret room and get locked in by Nina and Principal Ferrari. Alex then finds a door leading outside, and a key.

Episode 3

Alex walks into school with Nicole and they talk about Emma until Professor Strozzi stops them, and sends them to class. After class, Alex talks to Christian about Emma, until Nicole stops them. Alex and Nicole fight.

Alex and Emma go down to the secret room and Emma starts singing into a microphone. Alex, impressed by her singing and lyrics, jokingly asks her to sign his arm. Nicole and Sam enter afterwards. Then, a teacher can be heard walking down and opening the door and the four hide behind a clothing rack. The teacher is revealed to be Professor Belli, who starts playing the piano. The four are discovered when Emma's phone rings, but they explain to him why they're down there.

At lunch, Emma and Alex sit together. They start talking to each other, while Alex is assisted by Christian on what to say. After their last class, Professor Belli and Alex go down to the secret room to practise singing.

Episode 4

Alex is first seen getting ready in the morning. His brother, Joe comes in and teases him about liking a girl and sprays cologne on him. Alex, when Joe leaves, sprays a bit more.

In the secret room, Alex sings with Emma adding the lyrics he added. At lunch, Alex is talking to best friend, Christian and Linda starts talking to them. When Tom sees them and gets jealous. The boys fight with Tom, Alex trying to get out of the situation. Later, Alex sings with the band and they name the band Sound Aloud.

After class, Alex is talking to Nicole when Linda sends the whole school a picture of Emma with her father.

Episode 5

After biking to school, Alex meets up with Nicole and tells her how upset he is about Emma lying to him. Before class, Alex ignores Emma in anger.

At lunch, Alex finds out that Nicole knew about Emma Ferrari's secret and didn't tell him. The two fight. Alex goes into the secret room and later lets Emma in after she uses the secret knock. They talk about everything, and they make up. After school, Nicole calls Wilma, Sam's Grandmother, to find out where he is and everyone goes to help him work. While there, Alex makes up with Nicole and they say that they will be friends forever.

Episode 6

Alex, along with Sam and Nicole, find Emma singing on the steps outside and he starts singing with her. They all go in, except Emma.

At lunch, Alex talks to Emma. They go down to the secret room, and the gang talk about making a music video for Music Speaks. They do it, and Linda and Rebecca find them in the park and try to find out what they were doing. At home, he is setting up the table with Nicole and they play around with the paper towels.

After biking to school with flowers for Emma, he discovers that she has a boyfriend.

Episode 7

At dusk, Alex talks to Nicole about Emma having a boyfriend and she helps him. At school, Alex is chosen to demonstrate Shakespeare but backs out when he is paired with Emma. At his locker, Emma and Alex fight.

Later, after searching for Sam's laptop, the band find that Linda, Rebecca and Samantha. Linda then sends the music video to Principal Ferrari, and they enlist in the help of Nina to make sure that the video does not reach him.

After school, Alex and Emma talk and hold hands for the first time.

Episode 8

At school, the band minus Emma talk to Professor Belli. Principal Ferrari then comes and tells them that Emma is no longer their friend. In Professor Strozzi's class, Alex can't find something out of his bag. After lesson, he takes his friends down to the secret room and they later get discovered by Nina.

Alex, with the help of Nicole, pulls Emma into a closet. They talk and then kiss.

The band go to record producer with Wilma, who accidentally knocks off a golden record. Luckily, the record was not broken and Alex fixed it. Emma then comes in and they hug. During the interview with Mr. Smith, Alex sits next to Nicole. The band sing Music Speaks and the producer likes it.

Alex returns home and his parents are angry with him. They then fight.

Episode 9

At night, Alex is talking to Nicole. At school, Mr. Smith calls Alex and tells him that he will give them a record deal, but without Sam. In the classroom, the band make fun of Linda for saying that she has a ticket for a pirate party by waving theirs.

After class, in the computer room, they make fun of famous people like William Shakespeare and Albert Einstein for Nicole's presidential campaign. In the secret room, Alex and Nicole talk about music and then he hugs her. At the party, Alex meets up with Emma but she leaves to make a call. Alex then sees Nicole and thinks that she is Emma and kisses her.

Episode 10

It is awkward for both Alex and Nicole after the kiss, presuming that Alex later found out that she was not Emma. When Nicole wins class presidency, they go to hug but it is too awkward. After Professor Strozzi's class, the band go down to the secret room and practice "Music Speaks".

After, Christian's soccer practice, Alex gets jealous when he sees Nicole De Ponte and Christan pretending to be a couple. Later, after Professor Belli's class, Alex talks to Christian about Nicole and Christian tells him that they were just acting in front of Linda. In the secret room, Alex sings "All the While" and everyone loves it. However, Emma thinks it's for her, which causes Nicole to think so too. Then, Professor Belli comes in telling them that they couldn't be in there, and Principal Ferrari later finds them in there.

Episode 11

Alex, along with the rest of Sound Aloud, watches Professor Belli leave the school after being fired. Alex calls out Professor Strozzi in his lesson. In the secret room, Alex talks with the rest of the guys about how sad he is.

Going home after school, Alex is confronted about his parents on his desire for a music career. He goes to a site with Sam, Nicole and Christian and meets with Professor Belli who tells the group about his days in a band. Later that night, they go to perform at the site. However, Linda spills a drink on Nicole's clothes and she goes to get changed. They then perform "All the While". At Alex's house, Nicole and Alex talk.

Episode 12

On the steps at school, Alex talks to Nicole about the night before. In the classrooms Alex and Emma talk about everything. In the hall for the interscholastic competition, Alex sits and watches for the first two runs. Alex, is then left to be in the final on his own. He gets through the final and wins the interscholastic competition for Melsher Institute. In his speech, Alex thanks Professor Belli for teaching everything he knows as everything he knew, was due to Professor Belli. Outside, Alex talks to Christian about Nicole.

Episode 13

Alex leaves through his window, rushing to get to school. At school, the band talks to Nina. In Principal Ferrari's office, he talks to Sound Aloud and tells them that they are allowed to perform. They then set up a room in the school for their performance. Before the performance, Alex talks to Christian once more at his house.

Come the time of the performance, Alex agrees to help Nicole through the vent as Linda has thrown something in there. In the vent, Alex and Nicole make up and kiss. He then performs "Music Speaks" with the band.

Outside the school, Nina takes pictures of Alex, Sam and Nicole. Alex and Sam then find a piece of paper, with a love song written on it. After, Alex meets up with Nicole and they walk out of the school ground together.

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