These are all the rules and policies.


  1. Do not vandalize any article.
  2. Do not use any curse words or profanity.
  3. Do not add false information to articles. Any false information is treated as vandalism.
  4. Do not bully other users. This includes:
    1. Name calling.
    2. Harassment.
    3. Spreading rumors.
    4. Repeatedly being horrible to someone due to differences.
      1. Telling someone you do not like them is completely acceptable, but please agree to keep your differences to yourself and if you ever disagree please enlist the help of another user, preferably an administrator.
  5. Do not argue with an administrator. Administrators are supposed to remain cool and calm, and sort things out in a tranquil state. Arguing with them will not do any good and can result in reminders, warnings and blocks.

Reminder and Warning Policies


Reminders are used for very small rules such as Vandalism. A reminder is to tell a user that they should not do that again. If the user repeats to break the same rule multiple times, or breaks another rule, a warning should be enlisted.


Warnings are much more complicated than reminders. Warning are to tell the user that they must not do what they had done again. If you are enlisted a warning, without getting a reminder, please tell an administrator about it and they will sort it out.

A user can be enlisted a maximum of three warnings before getting blocked. However, can get two and even one before being blocked. To get three/four, the user must have broken three rules. To get two, the user must have broken two/three rules. And to get one, a user must have broken two rules, or even one. Once a user has been blocked, they cannot receive any more warnings and any rules broken will result in an instant block.


To get blocked, a user must have had both a warning and reminder before. There are certain lengths that you can block a user for.

  • 2 hours. This is rarely used and will only be used if the user has shown that they will not break a rule again. A user can do this by contacting the administrator who blocked them, and the administrator will change the block length. If a user does not keep their word, they will not be given this opportunity again.
  • 1 day. This is for vandalism. If a user vandalizes a page, they can get a minimum of 1 day. From this point, the block time increases.
  • 3 days.
  • 1 week. This is used as the minimum block for bullying. It can only be used after name calling.
  • 2 weeks. This is used as the minimum block for curse words or profanity. It can only be used if a user uses any of the allowed words in the wrong context.
  • 1 month. This is used for any other cursing or profanity.
  • 3 months.
  • 6 months. This is used for the rest of bullying.
  • 1 year. This is the maximum time a user can be blocked for, if they continue to break rules, an administrator will decide whether they will receive another year, or they choose 'other time'.
  • Other time. This is where the administrator can add in a customized expiry date. This can be used in certain cases such as:
    • The administrator does not think that the exact time is short enough.
    • A user has continued to break the rules after the 1 year block.

If a receives a warning and then creates a new account to do the same thing, the new account should be blocked and the box to block the IP address should be ticked.

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