~This article is about the Alex & Co. band. For the TV series, see Alex & Co. (TV series).~

Alex & Co. was the titular band in Alex & Co. It was formed by Alex and his four friends after creating a song named Music Speaks.

In Episode 42, after the release of their first album, Welcome to Your Show, and after Sam and Christian's abandonment they split up and Alex, Nicole and Emma started a new project with Sara to create their own record company, Blue Factory Records.


Past Members




Fictional songs from the fictional Welcome to Your Show album
  • Running up to that hill
  • Song to say goodbye
  • Wrong
  • Nothing like the sun


  • During the fusion with The Lindas, Alex considered to rename the band as "Alex & Linda & Co." but it was discarded by Linda.
  • In Spain, the title of the series was translated as "Alex & Friends". However, the name of the band was kept as "Alex & Co.". In fact, "Alex & Friends" is never said inside the series.


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